Why Online Dating is a Good Thing

The truth is dating is tough and finding the perfect romantic partner is a nightmare for most people. Fortunately, the internet has simplified the tools to meet new people and made modern dating easier, fun, and convenient. Online dating enables people to find new connections more in a practical way. Online dating is quickly catching up to conventional ways of dating.

The truth is dating is tough and finding the perfect romantic partner is a nightmare for most people. Fortunately, the internet has simplified the tools to meet new people and made modern dating easier, fun, and convenient. Online dating (also known as internet dating) enables people to introduce themselves and find out new connections over the internet.

When it was initially created, online dating was a stigmatized activity as most people didn’t see it as an acceptable way to meet new people. At one point online dating was even seen as desperate’’. However, those days are long gone as online dating is quickly catching up to conventional ways of dating.

The stigma around online dating has increasingly declined over the past years with 59% of Americans believing it’s a socially acceptable way to meet new partners. A recent study conducted by the University of Rochester revealed that online dating is now the 2nd most popular way for new partners to meet, second only to meeting through family and mutual friends.

The attitude towards dating online has been progressively more positive as more people are exposed to its benefits. For example, it is estimated that over 49 Million Americans have tried online dating and over 1/3rd of American married couples between 2005- 2012 were found to have met online.

Here are the best reasons online dating is becoming so popular and why you should give it a try;

1. Less stressful

People usually find it hard to start up conversations after meeting someone they like for the first time. So often, we feel overwhelmed by other people’s scrutiny and fear we might say something to embarrass ourselves. Fortunately, online dating takes the societal pressure off and allows you to think about what you will say. You are more in control of your conversations, which gives you an excellent opportunity to make a good first impression.

2. Saves Time

These days, people are working for longer hours and have more responsibilities than ever before. This means there is less time to meet and connect with new people. For busy professionals, online dating provides ideal platforms to know about a potential date without much time commitment. You can make connections at the comfort of your own home, choose the pace that is best for you and meet only at a time that fits your schedule.

The best dating sites have easy set up features where you only need you to enter your name, email address, location, gender, basic dating preferences, upload a few images and you are good to go. You can start browsing through potential partners and connecting with them in literally minutes.

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3. More affordable

Traditional dating takes a lot of money; dressing up, driving up to the destination, buying drinks or food, booking a babysitter, etc., all of which can end on wasted or disappointed evenings. Online dating involves different forms of communications that allow you to get to know your potential date, before meeting them in person. Most dating sites are very affordable and with just a few dollars they can put you in front of hundreds of eligible singles in no time.

4. Be as specific as you want

Meeting potential partners in conventional ways can be disappointing because you never know their interests, and deal-breakers are usually not discovered until later. For instance, you may prefer someone from the same religion or background. With online dating, you can be as specific as you want as still have hundreds of choices that fit your preferences to choose from.

5. Expands your dating circle

Before online dating, it was a challenge to meet someone new outside your professional or social or local group. Online dating provides easy access to hundreds of potential matches since you’re not limited to dating only people in the area where you live and work. It exposes you to like-minded people you may never have had the opportunity interacted with in person.

6. Online dating works

There is a growing body of research to support online dating as a genuine way to initiate romantic relationships with clear advantages over traditional ways of dating.

A study by the National Academy of Sciences found that over 35% of American married couples met online. The study shows that couples that met online had slightly higher marital satisfaction when compared to other couples and were less likely to end up separation or divorce. Approximately 6% of the couples who met their spouse online were divorced or separated as compared to 8% of couples who met offline.

A 2018 study conducted at the University of Essex in the UK shows that partners who meet online are more compatible than those who meet offline and end up with marriages that are stronger, healthier, and more diverse. Another study published in the Journal Sociological Science revealed that couples that met online transitioned to marriage faster than couples that met offline.

7. Improves dating skills

Online dating allows us to connect with a wide variety of people from all personality types. This experience can improve your dating skills and confidence in general. This is especially important for those who have been out of the dating scene for years, to work on their communication skills.

It is much easier to open up with a protective screen between you and the person you are talking to without feeling anxious. Additionally, if your potential date does not match up your interest you can always end things without face-to-face confrontation that comes with traditional dating.

8. More potential matches

Online dating provides various types of personality test to make the process more efficient. Dating sites match you according to compatibility with prospective partners, giving you a better chance at finding a suitable date. Just by reading someone’s profile, you can be able to gauge their personality and compare it with your own.

9. Less fear of rejection

Rejection is always painful and nobody is immune to rejection, but it is a different kind of sting when it happens online. You can always go to the next person on the search results or the next match your dating site suggests. This will help you become more resilient to rejection in the long run.

Even when you have started a type of relationship, it is still easier to overcome rejection when you don’t have to remember the look of disappointment or disinterest in their eyes. Most times you may never hear from or see that person again.


Once viewed as too superfluous and trivial, online dating now has important effects on our society than anyone could have predicted. Millions of people around the world are now using online dating to find their significant other.

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