Cougared Review

Cougared Review

It has a huge database of profiles of both men and women all looking for the same type of encounters as you.
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It has a huge database of profiles of both men and women all looking for the same type of encounters as you.


Lots of profiles
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Bad and old design

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What is is a website that was created strictly for the use of younger men looking for older women. In the years since it was created it has become quite a popular site and in this article I’d like to give you not only my personal experience of using this site, but also some of the things you may want to know before deciding on whether or not this site is for you.

A little about myself; I was a youngish man (late twenties) that had always had a thing for older women. I’d never really had the opportunity to meet the women I knew I had a liking for, so I decided to look online. There were many sites out there that catered to what I was looking for, but in the end I decided to go with I was and am still very happy with what I found on the site; having met and had many some amazing times with women that I thought would remain only in my dreams. In the following article I’ll try to give you an unbiased opinion of what I found when using

 Is for me?

First of all this site isn’t for everyone, but if you are a young man or older women that has an interest in meeting young men or older women, then ‘yes’ this site is definitely worth checking out. It has a huge database of profiles of both men and women all looking for the same type of encounters as you.

How to start?

When going on the home page you will be met with quite a professional looking page that tells you a bit about what the site offers. Please note the part where it says ‘100 per cent free to use, no hidden costs’ as although this is true and you can use their site for free, what they don’t tell you is that in order to fully appreciate what they have to offer, I would personally advise you to pay the small sign-up fee that they have available as this gives you so many more options to browse, chat and meet with the women or men on the site. Although the free option was great for me at first, I quickly found that I met women that I wanted to have unlimited chats with.

Getting started whether you want to use the free site or the paid site you are asked to provide them with a few details including your name, an email, password and then a little about what it is you are looking for. This is a great section as you have the option to let them know if you are looking for a relationship, fun times or anything in the middle.

You are also asked to provide a profile picture. At first I was quite skeptical about the site, so for my own safety I didn’t give them a picture of my face. However, having used the site for a while I realized that putting a profile picture of my face was safe and also gave me a better chance of finding what it was that I was looking for.

Having entered in all of the details you feel comfortable with entering, you are ready to go and free to browse the many members they have both online and not. This is a great chance to get used to the way the website works and get an idea of how you will continue your search.

Is it a safe site to use?

From my own experience I found that the site was very professional in how it went about dealing with people’s privacy and safety. They have strict policies regarding what you are allowed to put on your profile which includes quite stringent checking making sure all profiles on their site are not only genuine but also not causing offence to other members. If you choose to upgrade your membership then you also have the option of discreet billing which for me I found very appealing as I lived in a house with other people that at the time I’d rather them not know what I was doing in my free time. Another great feature I found useful on their site was the blocking option, as although Cougared have tried to stop scammers from joining their site there are some there and using the tips I found on their site I was able to spot them, block them and then I proceeded to report them, which is something I’d advise anyone to do that encounters one of these people as once I did they were quickly removed from the site.

How do I go about taking that next step?

If like me you are quite a shy person then engaging with someone that you are really attracted to can be quite a daunting prospect. They have a cool feature on their site which is called the ‘wink system’ and it works much like a ‘like’ which made things a lot easier for someone like myself. At first I would simply wait for a ‘wink’ and when I did get a one, I would usually begin a chat with them using the messaging function. Although I’d usually leave quite a generic one-liner, I quickly found I was chatting away with them quite comfortably. After a while of using the site I found my confidence grew and I began searching for women I liked, this was made so much easier with the detailed searching options that are available on this site.

Would I recommend

If you’ve read the article so far then you will have no doubt that my answer to this question would be a definite ‘yes!’ Now although I have had a great experience on this site I would still like to see some improvements like more chat options and possibly chat rooms but hopefully that will come. Put quite simply if you’re looking for a younger man or an older women, then this site definitely gets a two thumbs up from me.

A big issue however with is that the site’s design is really outdated and slow. More modern alternatives such as Rencontrez une has much faster loading times and a top tier design system.

Entry level, but works!
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Le site est simple, efficace, facile à utiliser.
Dernières critiques
Évaluation 3,0
It has a huge database of profiles of both men and women all looking for the same type of encounters as you.
Évaluation 3,3
CougarD is an app that has been made specifically for older women to meet younger men and in some cases men of the same age that look younger.
Évaluation 2,8 is a well-established online dating site specifically designed to allow mature woman to meet with younger males.
Évaluation 2,8, isn’t the worst option out there, but it may not be the most fun to use.
Évaluation 2,5
Cougar Life is an average site for meeting a cougar.