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Milfplay Review is a well-established online dating site specifically designed to allow mature woman to meet with younger males.
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Odwiedź i dołącz teraz is a well-established online dating site specifically designed to allow mature woman to meet with younger males.


Secure and fast platform


Privacy Concerns

A bit expensive.

What is all about? is a well-established online dating site specifically designed to allow mature woman to meet with younger males. Since being created has been able to amass a huge database of people which enables them to provide you with matches that meet even the most specific requirements including; appearances, interests and even location. Having such a large database has also allowed to match you to a large selection of people all local to your area.

Using this site has made it easier than ever to connect to people that are looking for the same thing as you, whether it be; discreet encounters, long term relationships or friendships all in a safe and private way. There are video chats, live cams and new faces options to only increase your enjoyment. Read on for more information about how is run and the way they help to make your wildest fantasies become a reality.    

Am I likely to meet someone?

The answer to this question is a most definite YES! Not only will you meet someone you’ll meet lots of people. With it’s easy to navigate interface and matching abilities you’ll quickly be able to find people in your area looking for similar things to you. Not only that but when you have met someone you will have a range of options available to engage them whether it be a simple like, a chat, a video chat or even a meet up the options are all there.

Although Milfplay does do a lot of the work for you, you’ll be the one responsible for finding that connection with people and taking it that one step further, luckily this has been made easy with their range of functions available.  

If you are only interested in the online experience then there are live chat rooms available where you will be able to chat with and view people in a group setting and if you are interested in taking it private then you simply mention it in the chat and will have the option to do so.

Ok, so how do I sign-up to

Signing up to Milfplay is pretty straight forward. You simply follow the six simple steps on their homepage which include what you’re looking for, your email address and a password. To get a taste of some of the Milfs they have online take a look at the bottom of the homepage, these are all real people that have signed up to the site and given permission for their pictures to be used.

 From there you will be asked to create a profile before you start searching for your dream date. Although as with other sites you are permitted to browse as a ‘free user’ however this significantly limits the amount you are allowed to use the site and it is recommended you upgrade your account in order to enjoy all that Milfplay has to offer. But don’t be afraid as creating a profile has never been easier with Milfplay’s easy to use interface and fast loading pages. You’ll be asked to add information about yourself regarding your appearance and interests and this allows them to match you with people that are looking for people just like you. As mentioned above the more details you put into this the more likely it is that Milfplay can match you with the person that you’re looking for.

If you are interested in looking at the many profiles on the site but not fully committing you have the option not to add a profile picture, many first time users do this as they prefer not to be seen, but Milfplay does recommend you to add a profile picture in order for them to match people looking for people similar to yourself.

Is there a sign up fee for

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it Milfplay is a paid site. I say this because obviously it would be great for all of the users, if this service was free but with that comes it owns problems, they have learnt that offering free sites does one of two things; firstly it means you have to run ads on your site which means a less than enjoyable experience for its users and secondly it means the security of the site is compromised as it allows anyone to join which only increases the amount of fake profiles that come up on the site. Fake profiles have always been a problem with dating sites and they are used to scam genuine users out of their money, thankfully Milfplay prides itself on the amount of fake profiles it is able to stop from using its site.

They have installed a cool looking symbol that you will notice on profiles that you can trust, this means that they have done their checks and can verify that it is a genuine profile you are looking at. They also offer some other great tips on avoiding fake profiles on their site.

Is Milfplay a safe site to use?

A common question that comes up when people are thinking about using a dating site is ‘can I trust them with my personal information?’ and rightfully so. has a secure third party payment encryption system on their site that is not only hack proof, but you also have a discreet billing option which will enable you to have the name of the third part billing company put onto your bill instead of the website’s name.

What to expect from  

If you’re into cougars, mature women, cubs, toy boys or all of them, then Milfplay is definitely the place for you. You are given free range to browse through the many sexy profiles they have on their site or let them do the work for you by hooking you up with similar matches in your area. These interactions can either remain as online fantasy or be taken into real world meetings. The site has been designed in such a way that everything is discreet, private but most of all fun and exciting.

Alternative to Milfplay

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to, we would suggest trying out This is a cool newcomer to the European milf dating market.

Worth trying
Might be too pricey for some people.
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