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Liebesstern Review is a dating site that is growing in popularity.
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Visit and Join Now is a dating site that is growing in popularity for its excellent match-making. It debuted in Germany before it quickly spread to other countries in Europe, South America ++. The site is popular with girls that are more open to talking about their kinks and fantasies with the hope of making them a reality with the right man; there’s someone for everyone.


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Profiles & Sign Up Process

Interface & Communication Features

Customer Service is a dating site that is growing in popularity for its excellent match-making. It debuted in Germany before it quickly spread to other countries in Europe, South America, and more. We’ve talked about it below.


You have to be at least 18 years old to use it and you cannot share nudes publicly. That being said, personal chats can get steamy if you are up to that kind of thing (to be honest, we all are). The site is popular with girls that are more open to talking about their kinks and fantasies with the hope of making their dreams a reality; there’s someone for everyone.

How Does Liebesstern Work?

Creating a profile on the dating site is free. However, to interact with potential matches – sending pictures and messages – you have to use the website’s coins. The coins are bought.

Since users have to spend money to interact with potential partners, it is a deterrent to people who like spamming and scamming other people. Liebesstern also has vigilant customer support that responds to any complaints to help weed out the trolls.

Profile & Sign Up Process

Signing up is quick and easy. You only need to provide your age, gender preference, username, password, and email address as you create your account. You also get to pick the location from where you want your date suggestions to be based.

When you sign up, the website lets you hit the ground running by giving you potential matches near you and letting you browse through other members’ profiles to find the one you like.

After signing up, you should confirm your email address. Then you can update your profile with details such as your interests and personal attributes to enable the algorithm to provide you with more nuanced suggestions.

When you sign up, you can navigate the website without spending money but you cannot interact with other members without coins. Liebesstern operates on a pay to use basis – you need the coins to strike up conversations, flirt, and send pictures.

The coin-based payment model is better than the subscription model used on other dating sites because it allows you to sample the site and determine whether you like it before you invest your money.

Furthermore, there are dozens of opportunities for you to earn free coins. For example, you receive free coins when you sign up, verify our email address, upload images, and provide more information on your profile. You are also gifted free coins for using the site every day.

Profile Verification & Safety

Liebesstern protects the personal information you place on your profile (the information that is not available to the public). They also have security mechanisms to safeguard your credit card information.

That being said, the site is not responsible for the information you share with other members privately on chat. If you give away your phone number or physical address with malicious people, the website will not be liable for any undesirable effects brought about by your actions.

To combat cyberbullying, customer support enacts a zero-tolerance policy on people who harass other members on the site.

When using a dating site, you should be mindful of how encrypted it is. Major names like Ashley Madison have been infiltrated. Their userbase was leaked, and the names of users became public. Liebesstern says that they’re encrypted, using a thorough military level lock. What’s better is that their security has never been breached.

Many smaller dating sites say they offer heavy encryption, but this is untrue. We don’t think Liebesstern does this, however.

You may be wondering if they have a problem with fake accounts. They don’t make it mandatory for you to verify profiles, so there are some fake ones. This doesn’t mean that the entirety of their users are fake, though. The site has been cracking down on accounts – having moderators verify pictures on profiles, ensuring they’re real people.

They have lengthy terms of service. This tells you what they do to your data. However, we don’t know how trustworthy it is. Their terms may have loopholes. As it’s so lengthy, the everyday user is not going to read them.

Interface & Communication Features

On mainstream dating sites, girls get flooded with texts from all kinds of guys. Because of the bad experiences many of them are subjected to, they find liebesstern to be a breath of fresh air. Most of the cute girls you see on the site are, therefore, more friendly and likely to reply to you than on those other platforms.

As you browse through the profiles, you will find some with blurred images. This happens because members have the option to keep their images private (thus blurring them to the public). You can still approach them and once they are comfortable talking to you, they can share their image with you.

When you find a cute prospect who matches your preferences, you can favorite’ them so that you hit it out with them later. As you do that, bear in mind that the profiles you favorite’ receive a notification. If the person you’ve favorited’ is attractive, they probably receive tons of notifications and the best way to capture their attention is to send them a text. They are more likely to reply to a message because it is more intimate and it shows them that you are serious.

As you search for potential partners, you can be more specific by filtering for location, age, and distance. You can even search for a specific person by typing their username.

There’s also the option to filter for new profiles. This one allows you to snap up new members before other people get to them!

If you are traveling to another country, you can filter for members in that country.
You can set the language with which you browse the website in your profile settings. Nevertheless, the location or the country you set on your search filter has no impact on that.

Other interesting features include one that allows you to see the number of times your profile has been viewed. You can also promote your profile to get more views and attention.

Something we like about dating sites is panic buttons. They work exactly as they sound – they send you to another page, or reload the page when you see something you don’t like. As you’re on a dating site, you’ll be met with all kinds of sensitive pictures. The very best have the button – we’re disappointed that Liebesstern does not.

They are easy to use. We like that they offer a version for mobile browsers too – it’s speedy. But you don’t get a mobile app. Compared to competitors, most of them offer applications. Most people spend their time on hand-held devices, so being able to find love on it is more convenient than the PC.

But we think a mobile app is on the way. Liebesstern is very popular, so it’s time that they introduce one, too.

Liebesstern Price & Payment

As we’ve already established, you can use your free coins to test the services. Once you find a nice date and your free coins run out, you can buy extra coins to keep the flirtation going. Coin packages range from 9 Euros (at the time of writing this) and you pay for them using your credit card.

Unlike monthly or annual subscription plans used by other websites to deduct charges automatically even when you are inactive, on liebesstern, once your package runs out you have to buy the next one manually.

The good thing with this “pay as you use” format is that you only pay for the services you use. Plus, it saves you the pain of getting stuck with an expensive subscription plan that you would rather not have when you test and find a dating website to be below par.

When purchasing features on the site, you are offered good rates. That being said, you don’t get the easiest options to buy with. You have four methods; they are PaySafe cards, Credit cards, Sofort, and iDeal. For the general user, credit cards are the most convenient. We’re disappointed that they don’t let you pay with debit cards. Liebesstern’s competitors let you do so.

When making payments, you will be sent to a secure portal. It’s encrypted like the site.

Customer Service

They offer a Contact Us page that instantly directs you to a form. This is the only way you can get in touch with them – they don’t offer a call centre. We would’ve loved an online chat either. Their customer support team is really quick. We found that they were super friendly, and informative.

You also don’t have to reach out to them for help. The site offers a Help page with answers to a range of questions. Like their support team, content is informative and extensive.

We love that they have a Dating Tips section. It gives you advice on how to better your time on them. But they don’t offer fully-fledged blog articles.

Account Deletion

If you want to get rid of your account, you can easily do so. The Contact Us page has a section on how you can do it. All you need to do is go to your account’s settings and click ‘Delete My Account’. The process is quick and you aren’t charged anything.

Once your profile is gone, you won’t be able to reactivate it. Speaking of reactivating accounts, you may be wondering if they offer a deactivating option. The answer is no.

Pros vs. Cons

Now that we’re done with our review, summarizing Liebesstern’s pros and cons will help you know if they’re worth your time.


Profile & Sign Up Process

We have to say, making an account on the platform is easy. It doesn’t take that long either.

Profile Verification & Safety

The site combats cyberbullying. They also offer an SSL encryption, which means they won’t be hacked. They offer a thorough privacy policy as well, telling you exactly what they do with your data.

Interface & Communication Features

You can use the site without paying for a membership. This is great as its competitors don’t offer this. The platform offers a range of communication features and abilities to find the right one for you.

Price & Payments

Their rates to buy credits is pretty good. Purchases are safe too. You’re sent to a verified portal.

Customer Service

Liebesstern’s Contact Us page consists of answers to a range of issues. They’re informative and easy-to-read. The site lets you get help through contact forms – you get replies quickly. Their representatives are friendly as well.

Account Deletion

Deleting your account is a piece of cake. We’re glad that you aren’t charged for it either.


Profiles & Sign Up Process

They have a few fake accounts, but not many. It’s not as bad as with other sites. The platform is taking steps to reduce the issue too.

Interface & Communication Features

It’s disappointing that they don’t have a mobile app. Thankfully, their website is more than capable of being used on mobile browsers.

Customer Service

You don’t get a call center, which is a bummer. But their email team is super helpful.


Unlike other sites that are rife with complaints, the majority of Liebesstern users are serious people looking for a partner. Therefore, you can rest easy and feel safe chatting with other members because they are genuine and are looking for someone like you.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Liebesstern is our second most recommended dating website. You should try it out!

Joining Liebesstern is free and there is no payment required for using the site at all. Coins are needed for sending messages and pictures, and you get free coins to test the site. You can also earn more free coins on the site by completing tasks like verifying your email, complete your profile and more.

The “Pay for use” model this site uses is simple and straight forward. There is no subscription or automatic payment options. You can pay for what you want to use, but don’t have to.

This system keeps spammers and scammers far away, so the interactions with other members are more open and honest than on many other dating sites. But there are some fake accounts to watch out for.

These points, as well as there being plenty of active female members on the site, makes this an easy dating site for us to recommend. The only reason that we rate this site below our most recommended site, is that no nudity is allowed. This can be both negative and positive though, but we enjoy having some naughty content as well.

Anyway, it is free to try so why not, right?

Chats can get steamy
You can navigate the website without spending money.
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4.5 Overall Rating
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