eHarmony İncelemesi

eHarmony İncelemesi

eHarmony 2007 yılında kuruldu ve 11.000 evliliğe katkıda bulunduğunu iddia ediyor
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Çevrimiçi buluşmayı hakkında mı düşünüyorsunuz? Nereden başlayacağınızı bilmek ister misiniz? Bekarsanız veya yeni bir ilişkiyi istiyorsanız, aklınızdan çevrimiçi buluşmayı geçiyor olabilir. Yalnız değilsiniz. Birçok insan uygun bir partner bulmak ve yalnızlıklarını paylaşmak için çevrimiçi buluşmayı deniyor. Bu yazıda, adlı bir çevrimiçi buluşma sitesinden bahsedeceğiz. Bu site partnerinizi bulmanıza yardımcı olabilir.


Profiles & Sign up Process

Interface & Communication features

Privacy verification & Safety

Account Deletion


Profile & Sign Up Process

Interface & Communication features

Price & Payments

Customer Service

Account Deletion

Are you thinking of online dating? Do you want to know where to start? If you are single or looking forward to a new relationship, you are not alone. Many try online dating to find a suitable partner and share their loneliness. In this article, we will discuss an online dating site, It might help you to find your partner.

Genel Bakış

eharmony was created in 2007 and claims to have contributed to 11, 000 marriages. When it comes to dating sites, they are one of the largest. Almost everyone knows their name. Their rivals are industry giants like OkCupid and Tinder.

O nasıl çalışır?

Daha önce belirtildiği gibi, bu bir buluşma sitesidir. Kişilik anketinize ve kişisel profil ayarlarınıza bağlı olarak eşleşmeler önererek bir ortak bulmanızı sağlar. Göz atmanıza gerek yok. Bunun yerine, otomatik sonuçlar alırsınız. Aramanıza izin verildiğinde daha uygun seçenekler bulabileceğinizi düşünüyor olabilirsiniz. Birçok kullanıcı aynı şüphe var. Bu web sitesi tarama kabiliyetinizi kısıtlar. Randevunuzu öğrenmek için onlara güvenmek zorunda kalacaksınız. Ancak, işlem otomatik olacak ve bazı makul eşleşmeler elde edebilirsiniz.

Their matching process is well-known. They specify that they use scientific methods to help you find the love of your life. It’s seen in all of their commercials and adverts. Many have refuted the process, though, saying that it’s outdated.

They aren’t the only site that uses thorough matching. Pretty much all their competitors use complex algorithms.

Profile & Sign Up Procress

Signing up is a bit time-consuming and complex compared to other dating websites. They will verify a lot of things about your personality before allowing you to access them. These basic questions and personality surveys are meant to help them find the best matches for you.

Yaşınız, çocuklarınız, medeni haliniz, cinsel tercihleriniz, çocuklarınız, bulunduğunuz yer ve bir kaç başka şeyi içeren bazı soruları cevaplamanız gerekecektir. Tüm sorularını cevapladıktan sonra, sizi tanımlamak için bir kişilik araştırması yapacaklar.

Komik, güvenilir, yaratıcı ve iyi bir dinleyici içeren en iyi arkadaşınızın sizi nasıl tarif edeceği ile ilgili kelimeler listesinden seçim yapmak zorunda kalacaksınız. Ayrıca, yaşam hakkındaki görüşleriniz ve zamanınızı nasıl geçirmeyi sevdiğiniz gibi başka sorular da soracaklardır. Romantizme yaklaşımınızla ilgili sorular olacak.

In addition, they will ask about your look, religion, height, habit, or some other qualities. The answers will be used to know your personality, then they will match with the people of similar interest to get a successful and lasting match.

Privacy Verification & Safety

When using the platform, you will have a safe time. They have a section that tells you how you can date safely. They also have a thorough blog page, that includes in-depth advice to make your experience better. 

When it comes to how safe your data will be, you don’t have to worry. They utilize military level encryption. It prevents your data from ever being intercepted. To this day, they’ve never been hacked. This is great as major names like Ashley Madison have had their user list leaked.

The site promises a thorough privacy policy. It’s easy to read. This is great as competitors don’t offer such transparent policies.

You don’t have to worry about falling victim to catfishing. eharmony introduced the RelyID feature. It tells matches that you are exactly who you say you are and uses a two-part test to verify your identity. But it is kind of pricey. It’ll cost you around $10.

When using eharmony, you might see many empty accounts. No one would blame you if you thought that they were fake, or bots. The site is quite popular, and these are usually the accounts of people who have signed up but not completed the process.

You don’t have to worry about con artists. There are many success stories of people who’ve found love. The thing is, we don’t know how truthful they are.

As you’ll see below, they offer a paid feature called SecureCall. It lets you speak to others on the phone, without them having access to your number – who wouldn’t want that?

Interface & Communication Features

You will get both free and paid options. Obviously, if you choose the paid option, you can get more advanced features than free ones. However, communication is available to both free and paid members.

You will find different ways to facilitate communication. You can send a smile to another member as a sign that you have gone through the profile and you are impressed. All members will have an option to contact another member through the Guided Communication feature.  After three rounds of contact, you can go deeper and choose email communication. You can directly send a text to the match.

Paid members will have better options. They can use SecureCall to chat with matches using their phone. However, they will not be allowed to share their phone numbers for security and privacy reasons.

When it comes to how the site looks, we don’t think it’s that good-looking. When you visit their home page, you’ll have to scroll down to find the buttons to navigate them. This is strange as it’s supposed to be on top, with a dashboard.

Price & Features

As you know, you can use the site for free. However, you won’t be able to get much done. You’ll have to get hold of their paid memberships. However, they’re very expensive. eharmony is one of the priciest sites in the game.

There are three subscriptions for you to choose from. They are the 1 month, 6-month and 12-month plans. The 1-month plan will cost you $59.95. Meanwhile, the yearly one will cost you almost $19 every 30 days.

Although they have a large pool of users, the number of members is low, especially compared to competitors. The amount you’ll be paying scares them away.

There isn’t a huge range of features included in their membership packages, apart from the RelyID feature, which we touched on earlier.

Payments are verified. You are sent to an encrypted portal where no one has access to your information. In terms of how you’ll be able to pay, you can make payments through e-wallets as well as credit and debit cards.

In terms of what you’ll get when you spend on a membership, you will be able to:

  • See who viewed your account
  • Have access to unlimited messaging
  • View an unlimited amount of photos
  • Have access to more matches

We don’t think the features you get are worth the cash. You’ll see more niche sites like Meet-a-MILF offering more with their paid accounts. Of course, they are more affordable too.

Customer Service

You might not have to reach out to them to get assistance. You can use their expert blog section for help. There is a help page too. It consists of answers to questions you might have. However, we don’t think they’re worded that well – they answer a range of things, though.

If the page is of no use, you can reach out to their customer support. But you can only do so if you’ve logged in. Their email team is not very fast. This is a shame as you’d expert immediate support from such a large name. However, they are friendly and help you solve your issues.

You can also contact them if you want to report an account. You’ll have to report to the following email – [email protected]

There is a call center. Representatives don’t work 24/7. You can only talk to them from 8:30 AM to 5 PM (PST) from Monday to Saturday. We have to say, they’re quick to respond. However, we didn’t have the best time. Many users say that they aren’t the most helpful, which we agree with.

Account Deletion

To close an account, you don’t have to delete it fully. You can utilize the platform’s “Hide” feature. It works like deactivation. All you have to do is visit your account’s settings, then “Profile Visibility”. You won’t show up as matches for strangers, but the people you’ve been in contact with would see you. The process is almost immediate and you aren’t charged anything.

If you want to delete your account, things are not that simple. You’ll have to contact eHarmony’s team if you’re in the middle of a payment plan.

Once your account is gone, you’ll never be able to get it back. Your messages are lost too. Similar to hiding it, you aren’t charged.

Pros vs. Cons

With that out of the way, let’s go through the pros and cons of using the service.


Profiles & Sign up Process

The process to verify accounts is thorough.

Interface & Communication features

Users can expect a better outcome with personality-based matches. This website builds a comprehensive picture of the personality survey to generate relevant and deeper compatibility ratings.

What’s more, there is an app that can be accessed on IOS and Android devices.

Privacy verification & Safety

eharmony provides improved security. Only your matches will be able to access your information. There is a thorough privacy policy explaining exactly what they do with your data. There is military encryption too. The cherry on top is the tips provided for how you can have a safer time dating. Their RelyID feature is useful of course.

Account Deletion

You can get rid of accounts for free. You can hide them, which is similar to deactivating.


Profile & Sign Up Process

To create an account, you’ll need to undergo a lengthy procedure.

Interface & Communication features

We don’t think the site looks that good. On their home page, there isn’t a dashboard either.

Price & Payments

Their prices are through the roof. They are known as one of the most expensive dating sites around. This is why the number of members on the site is low.

Customer Service

Their call center representatives are not the most helpful.

Account Deletion

You’ll have to contact their customer support if you want to delete an account mid subscription.

Final Thoughts

From the above, you might have realized that eharmony is a good site. However, it is not free from downsides. First, you will not be able to browse or find out your own match. You will have to completely rely on the website. Communication will also be restricted, especially when you are a free member. We recommend to try different dating websites such as veya to find a more effective solution.

These websites will widen your search with better possibilities to look for matches yourself. You will have more freedom to choose and communicate with your matches or any member you find interesting. All in all, we’ll give eHarmony a 3.67 out of 5 score.

This dating site is fit with good functionalities, but we are left with the feeling that there are so many more male users than female, that the competition becomes overwhelming. The female users receive too many messages to be able to keep up and focus on the guy they are most interesting.

Yine de ücretsiz denemeye değer olabilir, ancak daha iyi alternatiflere de bakmanızı tavsiye ederiz, çünkü bir şekilde eğlenceli olan bir platformda sıkışmak kolay olabilir, ancak sonuçlarla eşleşmelerde ciddi temasta bulunmaz. .

Siteye kaydolmak da çok uzun sürdü, cevaplayacak çok sayıda anket sorusu nedeniyle. Sebep, sitenin sizin için daha iyi eşleşmeleri bulabilmesi, ancak bunun çok iyi çalıştığından emin değiliz.

So, what did you think about their services? They are a major name in the game, but they’re so expensive that many users turn to other sites. They say they use a thorough matching process, but many say that it’s outdated.

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